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(a walkthrough of the monthly life-planning/know thyself section)

The Globalboho revisionist agenda is a planner experience like you've never had before.


Set up to give you the ways & means to find and know yourself as you plot out what is ideal for you( and then aim at achieving it), the GB revisionist agenda is the most in-depth, design your own life blueprint (without calling it a blueprint) guide, planner & workbook on the market. This version focuses on the daily freewrite format, alongside giving you all the special, seasonal, monthly & weekly sections you come to expect from the line. It's still hardcore, just shorter and sweeter, with a little more space to flow, one quarter at a time.


Available in the A5 size in hardcover, the sleek "three month+ "GB revisionist agenda is beautifully designed & sturdy enough to be used on its own or to be inserted into standard A5 desk agenda and notebook covers .

"Enjoy the ride" & "know thyself" never looked so good.

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The Globalboho AOLAB Agenda is that 21st century wild, fun, low-key hardcore self-care planner experience you KNOW you need.


The AOLAB Agenda is the BEST "design your life" guide, planner, workbook & "seasonal blueprint" maker on the market, giving you the ways & means to know yourself like never before as you plot out what is truly ideal for you & then aim at achieving it. The help you have often wished for when facing down a new season of life (but never had until now) is in your hands & it is ready to take you where you dream of going.

It has:

Curated seasonal, monthly & weekly sections focused on helping you flesh out a LIFE alongside whatever your livelihood aims are without compromising; intensive double paged "Dailies [½ Hardcore, ½ Freewrite]" ; cool GNOSIS sections full of spiritual deep dives to clarify your flow; + project planning, moon sheets, habit trackers, travel planners, grooming, gratitude & idea logs-


Given the chance, room to dream, plan, & practice~you might be surprised by how quickly you will change your world.


Available in hardcover in the A5 size, the "3 month's strong" GB AOLAB Agenda is beautiful, stylish & sturdy enough to stand on its own or to be inserted into some A5 desk agenda and notebook covers.

It's old-school "write it down & geterdone" style- just shorter and sweeter, with some arthead space to flow, one satisfying season at a time.


"Fix your Foundation! Otherwise, you're f*cked."

[AOLAB: ART OF LIFE/Angel Brynner]

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