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AFTER STUDIES AT UC/DAAP, F.I.T., AND APPRENTICING WITH SOME OF THE VANGUARD WITHIN THE MENSWEAR INDUSTRY  Angel Brynner’s career began building out the dystopian sci-fi/fantasy sets for  Angela Bell Menswear underground fashion events produced in Nyc and Tokyo clubs to showcase the collection's world.


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[G-SHOCK      MAXIM MAGAZINE      GBX     KANGOL    PENGUIN PUBLISHING GROUP     TOP COW COMICS      SHISEIDO     CYBER-JAPAN     CASIO    TOKYO-X RAY], collaborating artists and multinational R&D departments caught her vision for the nights through her collages across language barriers. Marketing execs knew her copy and collages better than the ABM clothes.In 2001 she put her line on hiatus to write a screenplay for the movie she was envisioning for the next show and saw that to capture the world fully she'd have to write a book. She leapt into writing scifi, creating collages as storyboards along the way. That first book  EUTAXIS turned to a full series codenamed: /grievechronic\.


Click on the covers for EUTAXIS, ECCLESIA, EXODUS AND EREBUS to gain direct access to the Dark Fantasy realm that is Angel Brynner's /Grievechronic\. 



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